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John Hamburg

Our beloved friend... John.
John, at his best.
October 9, 1974 - August 1, 1998

John was a dear friend of mine and I can think of MANY ways to honor him. I choose to honor his friends with him. Below is a list of his dearest friends taken from his site.

John passed away at Sacred Heart Medical Center in Spokane Washinton. We will miss you John and most of all we will all remember what you brought to each of us. You touched each of our lives so differently. Thank you.

Raise your glass to John and say it proud with me 'We love you John!'.

For those who wish to mail me comments, I'll add them to the list. I know that John would love it.

A suggestion: Give to your local Kidney Foundation, donate in the name of John. Wouldn't that be worth something?

His Friends His Comments Their Comments
_Adrienne_ If you strike up a conversation with Adrienne sometime you won't regret it. She's one great lady that doesn't let the bad things in life get her down for long. :)
Aerin'Kel My favorite gryphon! A truely warm and caring person. I get hungry just thinking about her popups..hehe :) John... You are the Teddy Bears you sent me... the (((HUGS))) you shared with me... the Wisdoms you gave me... the Love you lived... You are the Dragon who now watches over Gryphon's Lair... Keeper looks to the skies, eyes misty w/ joy and hope for our reunion as your life inspires me to stand tall and strong in my essential search for Truth. Thank you, John. Love, AerinK`el
Agwen When I get a garden some day I'm gonna pick this lady's mind for hints and tips. :)
Alex A good friend of mine who made the trip all the way to Moses Hel just to meet me. He really needs a home page!!! :)
AlohaNui A catholic??! What's she doing hanging out with a heathen like me? Hehehe ;)
Amka One of the many great people that I've met on IRC. Amka's creative side shows through in her web page designs and graphics.
BlueMoon Once in a blue moon you meet a wonderful person like BlueMoon..hehe :)
Brahma If the Brahman is everything, and IRC is something, then is everything logging onto itself? Hmmm... :) Cosmological issues aside, Brahma's a great guy and you can see his writing on.
Buckaroo One of the die-hards that helped to make #religious_debate what it is today. :) It is with a heavy heart that I hear of TRD's passing. He was my friend, if only for a while. He'll always be my friend, for a long while to come. He spent a lot of time in DALnet IRC and he made a home in #religious_debate. The channel is thriving now, and it is no coincidence that TRD had something to do with it. If you knew him, please stop by and share some memories with us. I will miss him more than I can say, we all will. My best to his family.
CaptDaithin "Reality is for people who can't handle Star Trek." :)
Cheechako Cheech has led one hel of an interesting life, and it aint' over yet. :) Raddie- told you on the phone we will meet one day.... my friend, you are already there waiting. I hope I have the courage of life you've had - Love you my friend. I'll always remember you, but will now let you go....... "Cheechako"
Constantine Don't let the web page fool ya, he's a k00l guy. :)
Conster An old friend of mine from the days before time, when the internet hadn't yet arrived in Moses Hel, I mean Moses Lake, and the BBS-a-Saurous still roamed the primordeal cyberspace. :) John--thank you for the great debates, thank you for your friendship, thank you for that smile so sincere.. We will meet again. I miss you more than you probably can know -- Conster
Cymrich An old college buddy of mine, Cymrich is the source for info about pretty much any and every computer RPG ever created by the human race. (And, a few that were designed off world!) :)
DaRk_AnGel A buddy of mine from all the way up in Moosejaw, Canada. (Yup, thats an actual place!) :) When I met John I quickly learned he was a man who could touch many lives. I will never forget his words of comfort and advice in a time when I desperately needed a friend I could trust. I know now that I am very fortunate to have met such an incredibly caring person. For all those who knew and loved him, we didn't just loose a friend, we lost our Radiant Dragon.
I miss you my friend. You will live in my heart forever.


`dove A lady with a great sense of humor even if she does have the worst taste in music. Hehehe :) (Country..AWK..GAG...AWK..Make the banjo stop!!) ;) I always will hold T_R_D in my heart! I admired him so.
Dana & Amy Evans People from Moses Lake! Yes, *GASP*, I still manage to fit in a meager shadow of a real life despite spending 12 hours a day online..hehehe :)
FBIagnet\ELITEaGeNt A fed??!!? QUICK! HIDE THE...umm....perfectly legal stuff. };>
fractl The guy that made me an op in #religious_debate. The channel never would have taken off without him. Fractl maintains the #religious_debate web site. :) TRD could breathe fire into a debate, calm frayed nerves, and make people laugh. His kind spirit touched everyone in the channel. One night, when people were at each other's throats, he took the room on a virtual car ride! - left us all rolling on the floor laughing :) I knew John only briefly, but he impressed me as few others have. An outstanding man. I will never forget him.
Furbelly A really good friend of mine, here's hoping that everything works out great for him. :)
Giant_Cow Moooo! Moooo! Don't let the nick fool you, Giant_Cow really isn't Roseanne. Hehe :)
Goddess I ran into Goddess one night on ICQ by sheer dumb luck and a case of mistaken identify. We ended up chatting and I made a wonderful new friend. :)
Jeffers A guy so cool that he doesn't even need to make up a nick. :)
Jessicat Jess is the only lady I know that would have a big enough heart to take in 19 cats. I say that she should be in the running for "Saint of Felines" eventually. :)
Update: Jess just recently made it up to 20 cats, all poor little homeless cats that had nowhere else to go. :)
Goodbye my friend. I never even got to meet you in RL, but you touched my heart and I will always be a richer person for having known you. So many people loved you, John, and it doesn't seem fair that you are taken away from us. I hope you are with Freya now, on some grand adventure - maybe even getting to be a two mile long dragon! I hope she bought alot of Purina Dragon Chow and Dragon Litter for you! :) I love you. I will miss you for a long, long time.
JimmyK A friend of mine from IRC, Jimmy is great in a debate or gaming. :)
kawai *SNIFF* *SNIFF* Where'd you go? Kawai's a good friend of mine that fell off the face of the planet. :(
kitten666 *POUNCE* *HUGS* *HUGS* *HUGS* :) A really great friend of mine that I thought I might have lost track of forever. (So glad that didn't happen!) :)
Maddgar Another Moosejawian (I've got to go visit that town some day! :), Maddgar and I share a love for the RPG Rifts. :)
Maelstrome A great guy with a lot of really interesting ideas about buddhism. Check out his web site. :) Two years have passed, and we all still think of you. We all still care. Some of us still even send you messages through ICQ. I know I do. You haven't been forgotten, and you will not be forgotten, by the people who love you still.


meager Another human from the REAL WORLD! Heheh :) He's not online much, but when he is.."You got a tile, bud!!" :)
menon "To hope is the first step to the realitization of your dreams." :)
Meesu Meesu is one of those very rare people with a true insight into the inner workings of human nature. You can't chat with her for long without being impressed by her wisdom and caring nature. :)
The sage that you generously bestowed on the ocean of life gave ripples that will ever be unceasing. You wanted to be a teacher, your love and courage is the lesson of most worth, it grows in all of us that knew you and of you. Its beyond the medium that brought us together. You have and still are making a difference. Gods(thats plural,John)speed!
Moonshadow "Bad to the bone!" Or, so she tells me. I don't believe her. I still think that she's just a big softie. :)
Mycophile I'm still not entirely surely what a "Myco" is, a mushroom, I think, but don't hold me to it. :) Mycophile has some great text files on his web page and all sorts of stuff for Creatures. (That nifty artificial life program.) :)
Newfish Not the least bit fishy, especially in a discussion of matters pertaining to theology. :)
Py`Wacket If it wasn't for Py'Wacket I probably never would have actually shown anything that I've written to anyone else. When I become an internationally renown writer people from all over the planet are going to look at the dedication and ask themselves "Who the heck is Py'Wacket?!?!" :) She's also the web master of the great looking World Weavers web page. (A fun group writing project thats free! Check it out!) :)
sandman7 A new friend of mine from #religious_debate and Maelstrome's real life pop. :) Sandman always keeps a level head in a religious debate which is damned hard to do most of the time. Hehehe :)
Scratchy\Scratchcat Jess, did one of your cats get loose? ;)
Shadow_Spawn Moose Jaw person #4 or #5, Shadow_Spawn is an even bigger AD&D nut then me!! :)
shirley_m Co-owner of Petey and Jadwin. :) Stop by #clearwaters for awhile and take a break from the fast paced rush of cyberspace. :) 
Shakti Shakti's creative soul shines through her music and multi-media work. :)
Snowdeer Snowdeer is a truely caring and king person, and she introduced me to a bunch of new music. :)
Spaces Wise beyond her years and very creative to boot; This young lady will be going places someday. :) Check out the adventures of Super Spaces on her home page. :)
Theologos One of those unlikely friendships that no one would have suspected. He's all right for someone that thinks that I'm going to burn in hell. Heheh :)
Thorgrimr "Dreamers do change the world, they are the only people that ever have."
Ulthuun\Kane One of my very oldest online friends. I knew Kane before I was even on IRC. Just goes to show that sometimes good things do last. :)
Vampyrsss My adopted sister. :)
White_Crow Calm, wise, and understanding, White_Crow has a great knack for rising above the storm. :)
wildberryskittles A young lady that I met on ICQ, wildberryskittles always has time to chat with a friend when they're feeling down.
Wisteria520 Sweet, lovable, beutiful Wisty! :) Wisty wants me to stop telling ppl that she's beutiful but you look at the picture and tell me, is she beutiful or is she beutiful? :) (Her pic is on her homepage.) were a beautiful man who touched so many people in your life. I hope that wherever you are now, you are smiling down at us all and teaching -- just like you planned to do. I love you and miss you. --Traci
Yemaya A truely dear friend of mine, as I've chatted with her over the last sixth months I've got to know Yemaya better then I get to know most people. :)
Zontar All hail Eris!!!!!!!! :)


TRD was one of the most human souls that I've ever met, and his passing is the passing of a great soul.

I created this site with love and determination and most of all, for John. I followed my heart and if you have a problem with this, e-mail me. If anything, this site will remind us of how strong an impact that John Hamburg does have on our lives. Whatever happens to John, good or bad, he will be okay... (thanks everyone).

K. L. Sylvain aka Jadzia

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