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Liberty Server Supergroups and Villain Groups

Not showing up here? Try posting your group at the Liberty Supergroup Registry, you can post your Villain Group there as well. You must be registered and logged into the official forums to post there. Do you want to be linked here? Or want information edited or updated here? Send a forum PM to Tax E.
SG/VG Name Website Leader/Contact
Agents Without Operational Limitations (A.W.O.L.) LINK
Bedlam LINK
Brides In Black LINK
Brotherhood of Tartarus LINK
Crimson Island Avengers / Crimson Island ArchVillains (C.I.A.) LINK
Dead End / End Game LINK
Ghost Legion / Shadow Wraiths LINK
Hardcore Control Center / The Crimson Rogues LINK
Healers Union / Heathens Union LINK
Hero Death Squad (H.D.S.) LINK
Law Bringers LINK
Liberty Force LINK
Libertys Fellowship Commando Kill Squad LINK
Lord of Rage LINK
Masters of Evil LINK
Nevermore Niche / Nefarious Niche LINK
Redemption LINK
Remnant / Dark Retribution LINK
Soldiers of Justice LINK
Sons and Daughters of Liberty / Sinners and Deviants of Liberty LINK
The Avant Guards LINK
The Dekonstruktivist Union LINK
The League LINK
The League of Above Average Persons and Evil Doers LINK
The Liberty Legion LINK
The Pantheon LINK
The Sisterhood LINK
The Sixth Column LINK
The SOLUS Foundation LINK
The Swarm LINK
The United Powers of Paragon / The Coalition of Life & Death SG LINK VG LINK
Those Who Wield Power / Those Who Abuse Power LINK
Vengeance LINK